Let’s talk about sex.

I have a few friends that have had babies, and they say sex is horrible while pregnant. Well, you know what, friends? I’m so sorry for you.

For me, sex is awesome while pregnant! That extra blood flow down there really amps up everything, if you know what I mean. I haven’t had any spotting, which probably makes me like it even more. The Mr. likes it a lot, too, but he always does.

My issue with pregnant sex is physical, but in a different way. I’m nauseated quite often during the day now. I’m also much gassier than I’ve ever been before, which is quite uncomfortable for me (though that has lessened over the past week). And I’m exhausted. So getting in the mood for even fantastic sex is difficult.

Thankfully the Mr. is quite adept at getting me in the mood if he feels it is actually a time that I am willing to be put into the mood (he isn’t a forceful pig, thank goodness!).

But I miss feeling well enough to want to have sex all the time, especially when it’s this good. I’m just holding out for the second trimester. I, hopefully, should feel better by then and be free to enjoy our sexual romps without fear of puking on the Mr. (while that didn’t happen today, I did fear it for a bit).

I’m just glad I’m one of the lucky ones that enjoys pregnant sex once I get into it. Here’s to not feeling crappy next time so I can enjoy (or even initiate) it right off the bat!


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