So much is going on!

I don’t really have any new symptoms right now, which is nice. I’m not quite as bloated feeling as before, but I do definitely have something going on in that region. The Mr. has even noticed a change in my stomach and has mentioned (thanks for making me feel fat, love). I’ve been nauseated on and off, but eating helps with that (which is probably why my stomach is feeling bigger). The biggest “new” thing is that I’m feeling exhausted all the time. I can go to bed at 8:00 at night, but I try to stay up a bit later so I don’t wake up in the middle of the night.

We’ve bought a few things for the baby so far, but not many. Like I’ve mentioned, we bought a few cloth diapers and some onesies to tell the parents about the new addition. I’ve also bought my diaper bag — I found it at Target on clearance this weekend. It is a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that is so cute and only $35! Typically PPB is $150 or so, but they made a special bag for Target that was only $50, so I snagged that right up!

My mom has bought a few things, as well. She bought an adorable outfit that has giraffes on it and a holiday book that we can read to our unborn child that cannot hear. haha It’s cute though.

And the best news of all? I’ve been cleared to take my beta blocker for my PVCs! Of course I’ll still only take it if it’s absolutely necessary, but I’m so relieved to know it’s fine to take if I need it. My doctor just wants to know when I take it so they can monitor how often it’s in my system.

Now I just need to make an appointment to get my flu shot and we are good to go!

Other good news?! One of my oldest friends and her 16-month-old son are coming to stay with us a few days! I’m very excited to see them!


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