See how it grows!

I think I’ve mentioned the bloat on here. I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned how much it grows throughout the day, so I’m mentioning it now. It’s ridiculous!

Instead of telling you, I figured I’d show you. The picture on the left is the same as my 5 week picture from this morning. The picture on the right is from 3:00 this afternoon.

And this reminds me: I should always take my pictures in the afternoon with lovely lighting! It looks so much better having real sunlight vs. my lamp.


So the Mr. had his hand on my belly last night and said, “It feels like it’s getting bigger!” Um, of course it’s getting bigger! I’m retaining water like you wouldn’t believe! So I got up and showed him the before/after pictures I inserted above, and he said, “The one on the right is the same size as the one on the left!”

Listen here, Mr. They are not the same size! They might be close to the same size since I’m only 5 weeks pregnant right now, but my belly most certainly grows in the afternoon. Now I feel self conscious about those pictures, but they’ll stay.

It will be interesting to see how I feel about the size difference in another 5 months. ;)


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