We’ve started telling.

And we’ve come to realize that it’s fun to share our wonderful news with our family! My mom was unbelievably excited and loved the way we told her. And my MIL was also excited — she almost cried!

We still have to tell my dad, but we’ll do that tomorrow. It’s really fun knowing that there are people as excited as we are about this baby. The little munchkin will be very loved.

In other news: I puked for the first time today. Well, not the first time ever, but the first time since getting pregnant. In fact, the last time I puked was when I got so drunk I could barely walk home from the bar my senior year of college. (Don’t worry, that wasn’t typical for me and I haven’t done it since!)

As I’ve said before, I’m feeling nauseated throughout the day, but today I think it mixed with car sickness, which = puking. I had popcorn a half hour before the puke fest. Not pretty the second time around. And lucky me, puke got in my hair and on my jeans as I threw up in front of the cars passing by us. The Mr. noticed that, though, and quickly grabbed my hair out of the way. So nice.

I hope so much that this was just a fluke and that the morning sickness hasn’t started yet.

I’ve also had some strange cramping on the left side today. It happened when I was out walking Cooper (the dog was pulling so much and practically running this morning). As soon as I stopped him (we sat for a moment) and started walking slower, I felt much better. I’m just going to watch it, but I’ll call the doctor if it gets worse or continues. The Mr. and I were walking around the store today with his parents and I didn’t have issues then (other than terrible nausea), so I’m not too concerned. I think I just overdid it this morning. I need to make sure I drink more water before going on walks from now on!

So that’s where I am today. Pretty happy all around, and hoping the next few weeks go by quickly. My friend (who is also trying to get pregnant right now) will likely come visit with her son and then the week after is our trip to our college town and then our doctor’s appointment! So much coming so quickly!


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