This is so surreal

This is now the second day that we’ve known I’m pregnant. It still doesn’t feel completely real to me! I took my second (and last) pregnancy test this morning and the positive jumped up almost immediately. I brought it down to the Mr. so he could see the definite line (yesterday’s line was so faint I couldn’t pick it up on my camera, though it was definitely there).

So this morning he asked me if I had taken a picture of it yet. I hadn’t, but now I have. The line is very visible in the picture, so I thought I’d share it.

(Update: I’ve taken a better picture of both tests for this post.)

Look at that line! I’m sure there have been darker, but I’m pleased with it. And please don’t mind the bad photography and lighting. :)

I just think it’s so crazy that we’re going to be parents! There’s no going back now! (Not that we’d want to, of course.)

I’m feeling all right. I have not been sleeping at night — I was up at 3:00a this morning and didn’t really sleep after that. Ugh. I think I’m feeling aversions to pretty much anything. The thought of eating doesn’t sound too good, but I’m not fully nauseated so I can still eat all my meals with ease, thankfully. I’m having some cramping on and off, but nothing too bad. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted later, but we’ll deal with that as it comes.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good. I hope it stays this way — I’m really hoping that I won’t suffer too much from morning sickness. We’ll see!


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