Week 4 Letter

Hello my sweet, sweet baby.

You have no idea how weird it is to type that out. I can’t believe the Mr. and I are about to have a baby. I still haven’t said, “I’m pregnant” aloud. I probably won’t until your daddy comes home from work so I can share the news with him. This is so surreal.

I’m walking around in a cloud. I have no idea how to feel because I’m feeling so many wonderful emotions at once. It’s so hard to imagine you in there, but the test says you’re there. And I believe it with all my heart.

I’ve been waiting for you for so long, and I can’t believe your time has come. Right now you are two little pink lines on a test, one so faint, but definitely there even in a dimly lit room. I wasn’t prepared for how that second line would make me feel. I’m shocked. I’m elated. I’m scared. I’m so in love.

I want the world for you. I want you to experience everything with open arms. I want you to take all you can from this world and learn from it every day. There are many people that believe it’s a shame to bring a child into this world for all the crime and evil that exists. And all I can think of is how sad it is that they don’t see the beauty. Yes, there are bad things everywhere, but there are so many good things. And I’m so excited to show them to you.

Today I’m 4 weeks pregnant. You are the size of a tiny poppy seed. It’s funny how something so small can make such a huge difference in a life. I want you to grow so strong in there. I promise to be the best incubator I can be for you. My plan is to keep you safely in there until I’m 40 weeks along. :)

I can’t wait for this journey together. I know it will be difficult, but it will be so worth it for your daddy and me.

I love you,


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