So, my cardiologist suggested I see a chiropractor for the chest pain I am/was having. I’ve always been a little skeeved out by chiropractors, so I was interested in hearing that a doctor was suggesting it (I know many doctors are not open to alternative medicine practices).

So I went to a consult (my PCP suggested this chiropractor). And it was weird. I loved the receptionist — we have the same issues with PVCs and she is young, as well. We had a lot to talk about. Anyway, the video they made me watch was just a little too “out there” for me. The practice is against medicine and other forms of seemingly normal practice.

The doctor made lots of “oh, that’s not good” noises when doing my examination, which makes me feel great about my body. But he just kept saying little things about how it is concerning that women have cramps (no women should ever have cramps — they are not normal!), how he might be able to cure my PVCs (um, I wasn’t there for that, and I’m not sure I like a chiropractor promising some miracle works), etc.

He wouldn’t take x-rays while I was there because it is possible that I might be pregnant. I’m supposed to call back once my period starts. If it doesn’t, he won’t do x-rays, which means I wouldn’t go to him. I’m not having anyone do anything to my neck or back without x-rays. And he was very excited about working on children, and the fact that I might have one soon. I am NOT allowing any of my babies to be “adjusted” while small. It’s crazy to me. So crazy.

So I made the appointment for the review. But this morning I called and canceled it. I just can’t go to a chiropractor that I think is so silly. There are too many things I don’t really agree with or like. I cannot trust my care in someone I cannot take 100% seriously. Perhaps I will come around eventually, but right now, today, I cannot do it. I’m apprehensive about it, and it’s just not good for me right now.

I know so many people swear by their chiropractor, and I’m so glad they were able to find relief. I just don’t think my issues are bad enough to warrant doing something I’m not 100% comfortable with.

On the baby front: I took a test this morning (11DPO) and it was negative (BFN). I figured it would be since it’s so early, but I couldn’t help myself for some reason. I’m now out of pregnancy tests, though, so I can’t take anymore tests. If I don’t have my period by mid next week, I’ll likely test again. If I do get my period, I will order some cheapy tests online to keep around so I’m not peeing on $10 each time.


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