An introduction.

To me.

I’m actually a pretty simple person. I don’t need much, and I don’t want much. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are a lot of things I want, but most of them aren’t frivolous.

You may call me Jennifer. It’s my name. It’s common. I’m not worried about someone stealing my very common identity/name. I will even share pictures with my face on them. Again, I’m not worried about anyone wanting to steal those, either.

I’m very open about things — you’ll hear me talk about sex, periods, other personal things, money, relationships, etc. And I’ll ask anyone about those things (of course only if they are also open people — I don’t just run up to people and ask about their finances or sex life).

I’m a very silly person, too. I like to dance with my dog, I sing to him all the time (and he loves it!), I jump around like a fool when I’m excited about something. I like living life this way — it keeps things interesting.

I’m married to a wonderful man named the Mr. (well, that’s not his real name, but that’s his Internet name — his isn’t so common). We met the second week of college. We started dating halfway through the second semester of our freshman year and have been inseparable since. We were married June 22, 2008. It rained the morning and then cleared up for our outdoor ceremony. We honeymooned in San Francisco, and it was awesome.

We moved to the city a few weeks later, and bought a house about a year later. We’ve lived here for about a year and a half (it doesn’t seem that long at all!). We adopted our puppy, Cooper, a few days after moving in, and we adore him.

This first picture shows how awkward I really am sometimes. Of course I’m talking about whatever it is I’m pointing out with my huge arm movements. Oh, and the best part? My brother and sister are ready and waiting for the picture, yet I’m completely oblivious. This is how many pictures are for me.

Here is another picture taken the same day (my brother’s high school graduation, awww!). Again you can see I’m unaware of the picture; however, it works out well, I think. I really do love him.

And this is a picture of me and my pup (taken almost a year ago!). We are best buds. I inserted this picture to prove that I don’t look like a fool in every picture of me. :)

Anyway, I love keeping in touch with friends and family — I talk to people I love every single day. I love baking and cooking, but especially baking. And I’m good at it. ;) The Mr. makes sure everyone knows that, and he often volunteers me to cook for things. Thanks, hubby.

I also like to sew a bit (I’m not the best). I’ve made a few blankets, which is my favorite thing to do, and the pillows for my living room. I’ll eventually make some curtains, but I haven’t started that task yet.

I’m a neat freak. I love my house to be clean; however, I’ve become much more relaxed about that this summer. When one is sick, one does not have the energy to clean the house. Whenever I felt well, I did not want to spend it cleaning, so it wasn’t scrubbed as often as I’d typically like. Of course I clean it much more often now, but we always have a picked-up house — I wouldn’t be too embarrassed if someone stopped by unannounced.

I am 5’10” tall. I weigh an undisclosed amount of weight. I’d like to lose about 10 pounds, but we’ll see if that ever happens (it has been almost impossible for me to lose it over the last year, except when I was sick). While there are things I don’t like about my body, I still think I look pretty good. I don’t have too much to complain about to anyone.

And lastly, I’m an editor. (Please don’t scour my posts for grammar/spelling mistakes — here is where I’m lax!) I work from home completely. I don’t even have an office anywhere near me to visit. I love my job and the fact that I can be at home. It makes for a bit of loneliness, but I make sure to hang out with friends and family and talk to the neighbors all the time to make up for it.

So, there you have it: An introduction to me.


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