My first baby purchases.

Every year in September our neighborhood has a community yard sale. This year we participated and it was great. We didn’t make a whole lot ($50), but it was a lot of fun and we got to talk with a bunch of our neighbors. The year prior, we noticed that there were A LOT of baby things for sale that looked in great condition. I’m sure many new parents got some really nice things. We talked about it and decided that we’d look around to see if there were any good deals this year. We ended up not finding anything big or great, but I did find a woman who crocheted adorable baby booties and hats. I ended up buying a few with the thought that I might save them for our future children, but if not, at least I have some really adorable gifts to give!

There are a few Websites linked at the right that are once-a-day-deal sites. Basically the Website gets really great deals on items and passes the savings off to us. Well, today one of the Websites had cloth diapers on super sale (all because the logo was sewn on upside down!), so I bought two. The Mr. and I have discussed cloth diapering our children because of the money savings, as well as the eco savings. So, for $30 I bought two of these:

I’m excited to get them in the mail in a week or so. Hopefully they are as good quality as I’ve read! I know it’s very premature to buy stuff like this, but I’d rather buy something for a great price in advance, than to spend full price later. I realize we’ll have 9 months to prepare once I do get pregnant, but I’m just very excited for this next step in our lives and I can’t help but look at this stuff now.

(Confession: I’m so freakin’ just a wee bit excited to have small diapers in my house! I can’t wait until I have a little bum to put in them!)


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