Here we go again!

How far along? 4 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Nothing yet
Maternity clothes? Nope.
Stretch marks? Just from last time.
Sleep: Not that great. I’ve been waking up for the day around 5:00, so that’s awesome.
Best moment this week: Making my first prenatal appointment – June 27!
Movement: Nope, and don’t expect it for at least another 10 weeks.
Food cravings: Maybe some tortilla chips sound good. But mostly I’m just not hungry.
Gender: We both think girl.
Labor Signs: Hopefully not for another 36 weeks!
Belly Button in or out? In. It popped out last time, so I expect it to this time.
What I miss: Nothing yet.
Weekly Wisdom: Exercising gives me energy! So do naps. ;)
Milestones: I’m pregnant!


We found out this time at 3w3d (i.e., 10dpo). My hands where shaking when I noticed the second line on the Internet cheapie. I took a FRER right away (second morning urine), and it showed up a light positive within a minute. It was so shocking and exciting! It was only our second month of trying, so I didn’t expect it at all (though I did have an inkling due to exhaustion, sore boobs, and irritability).


Here’s to another long 9 months!



Adele isn’t the only humorous one in the house

Last night Cole gave Adele her bath while I got her stuff out for bed. I thought I’d be an awesome mom and use the rest of the bubble bath for her. She was quite excited.

When it was time for Cole to get her out of the bath, this is what I heard.

C: Uh, Jen. Can you come in here please?

J: Why? What’s the matter?

C: I need help getting Delly out of the tub. I don’t know how.

(What I’m thinking: WTF, man? Are you stupid?)

J: What? I’m sure you can get her out of the tub yourself.

C: But there are bubbles in the tub. I don’t know how to get them all off her.

J: Are you serious? Just rinse them off!

C: Do I empty the tub and refill it?

J: You’re a grown adult, figure it out.


He figured it out.

(And he didn’t empty the tub and refill it.)


It has finally happened.

I must say, we made it far before it did happen. I thought we were in the clear.

We weren’t.

The other day, I walked upstairs when Adele woke up from her nap. I noticed her hair looked sweaty before I walked into her room.

“Adele, are you sweaty? Do you feel okay?”


“Wait. Why are you so white? Do you have something on you?”


Apparently little miss thought it would be fun to play with her diaper cream. Everywhere.

It took three washes to get the cream out of her hair, a hot bath with a soapy washcloth to get it off her body, and an extensive wipe down of the crib. She thought she was hilarious.

At least it helped clear up the eczema on her face.

Apparently it’s not my car.

Yesterday as we were leaving daycare, Adele yells out, “My car!” when she sees my car.

Of course I respond with something silly like, “Oh, you goose! That’s actually my car!” This is silly because you should never argue with a toddler. You will always lose. Always.

She looks at me and says, “No, my car.” I respond: “Haha, you really are silly! It is my car!”

There’s a little bit of silence as I push buttons on the clicker and open up the back of the car. As I lift her into her seat (she still has not learned to actually climb into her seat – she just plays in the crap on the floor) she decides to take a different approach.

“My Daddy car, no Mommy.”  (Translation: “This is Daddy’s car, not yours, Mommy.”


“My Daddy car. NO MOMMY.”

“This is Daddy’s car?”


“No, it’s actually my car. In fact, Daddy doesn’t even really like my car – it’s too big for him. He likes small cars!”

“My Daddy car. No Mommy!”

“Okay, Adele, whatever you say.”

In a tiny voice so I can get the last word (ha!), “But it’s still my car.”


One year

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve been here. Well, one year minus 20 days or so. Time really got away with me, huh?

Life has morphed into something new, yet still recognizable. We traveled, made plans, enjoyed life together. I’ve stressed over layoffs and looking for a new job. I’ve ended up staying where I’ve been for the last 5.5 years.

I’ve had my appendix removed.

We’ve watched our baby turn two and start talking.

Friends have gotten married, babies have been conceived and are about to be born, family has passed.

Time is a funny thing.

And now it’s time for a change here. I love writing about my baby girl who’s not a baby girl anymore, but the daily can be mundane, which I think is why I stopped writing a year ago.

Let’s see where we end up, shall we?

And the holidays are upon us!

Holy moly did 2012 fly by! They always say that time goes faster when you have kids, and it truly does.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful holiday. We spent the afternoon with my husband’s family, and had a long drive home. I ended up making a fabulous pumpkin cheesecake that was all gone before we left! It turned out really well and I’ve never had everything eaten before I left. I was quite pleased. :)
And now we have Christmas. There’s a ton to do before the holiday, though most of our gifts are purchased, thankfully.
I’m hoping to do some fun crafts with Adele since I have Fridays off, so hopefully I’ll come up with something fun for her!

I’ll leave you with a picture of her very first time decorating cookies. She had so much fun with it!

The joys of being a modern woman

In the 1960s U.S. women were introduced to oral contraception, i.e., The Pill. It was revolutionary really – just one pill a day at the se time and there won’t be any unexpected babies (to a point, that is).

Fast forward 50 years to today. Literally to today. I have been taking Micronor (otherwise known as The Mini Pill, which is a progesterone only contraceptive often used by lactating women) since my six-week postpartum appointment. It has happily kept us baby free for over a year now.


There’s a word that causes a huge pause to hang in the air.


With The Mini Pill and breastfeeding I was able to enjoy almost 12 whole months without my period (well almost 21 whole months if you count pregnancy). It was awesome. If I could skip there period until I was ready for The Babe 2.0, I’d be a happy woman. Alas that is not possible.

My body returned to its cyclical functions at the end of June, about two weeks before Adele’s birthday. What a bummer! Periods suck. If you are a woman, you know this. I was enjoying its absence.

But it returned, and there was nothing I could do about it. Thankfully everything seemed to be normal and as I remembered. That is until 12 days later and my period showed up AGAIN. I was baffled but not alarmed. I knew things could take some time to regulate.

I was content to let my body work itself out until it was five months later with super short cycles and a period that has – so far – lasted TEN days. TEN!!!

This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Dear body, I know I put you through a lot over the last two years, but knock it the hell off! I’m not about to do you any favors if you can’t do one for me. Signed, The Stuck Pig

So I called my OB/GYN office to see what the heck is going on with my body. Thankfully he nurse said that stopping The Pill will likely help regulate my cycle. Awesome! That’s just what I want to hear!

Or the fact that I still nurse my baby (who really is a toddler) is causing these irregularities. The only way to fix that is to wean. Ugh….. Shit. Let’s hope it’s the manufactured hormones and not the natural ones running my body to its death (perhaps a little dramatic of me).

But wait?! Now what do I do? No more will I have the confidence of a barren womb without The Pill (which I religiously took at the same time every day!). So I will look elsewhere (science to be exact) to keep us from having another baby at this time.


Waaaaaaay back in the day when I started this blog I mentioned that I charted and would discuss it here. Except I was pregnant, so I never discussed it.

Well, it’s awesome. And it lets you know when you are fertile so you only have to use condoms sometimes versus all the time. And I used this method successfully for 2.5 years before we stopped using protection and conceived Adele.

So here I am again with a thermometer on my nightstand and Fertility Friend downloaded to my iPod.

Let the experiment begin.

(And hopefully my body regulates itself quickly, letting me lose that last 5 pounds and find my libido again.)